A stay timeless.

Otranto tells many things, and also of the careless visitor's gaze is attracted by the force that the city exudes.

In 1481, after the conquest of Otranto, which occurred the year before by the Saracens, and the slaughter with decapitation of 800 citizens of Otranto, who refused to abjure the Catholic faith to go to Islam, the King of Naples Alfonso of Aragon, came with his men to free the city from the Turks.
At that time he was in Naples on Prince Garçia the Catalan province, Spain, together with 500 men of his army, invited by the King Alfonso of Aragon.
On this occasion the Prince Garçia did join the army of the King about 300 men to regain idruntina city. The Turks were defeated and driven away from Otranto and King Alfonso of Aragon, as a thank you to the Prince gave him the villa as a summer residence.